People who miraculously survived in various accidents:

The daily lives of people have been associated with various events and accidents which occurs,or causes killing and casualties in a large number.But sometimes we aware from news that rare people miraculously would be survive from a certain death when these accidents occurs, which is so strange and incredible.In the following, we review some of these events:

_4 members of a family were saved in an extreme driving accident which has occurred for their car (Pride) when it was stuck under the wheels of a truck.
_A young man who was waiting in Beheshti metro station, suddenly was crashed into lines ,but he was saved of a certain death.
_A young girl who was crashed into an unshielded deep hole, while she was guiding her colleague park the car, but unbelievably she was saved by the firefighters after 45 minutes.

People who miraculously survived in various accidents:

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