The famous Indian actress has been selected for the role in front of Golzar

From the earliest times to the present , the industry of production films has been of great prosperity by the establishment of Bollywood and producing thousands of movies , have developed the progress and has increased more than 100% times for this industry . By dubbing Hindi-Language movie to Asian countries , this success has been significantly increased . The popular and famous artists have been known in

all around the Asia . Some films are so memorable that we feel they are from our countries , and we can count several Hindi Movies which have welcomed by the majority of Asian countries . Due to this reason , The Cinema officials of Asian countries , trying to make movies by starting the common popular artists . ” Hi Mumbai  ” is the name of common product of our country with Indian artists . ”Diya Mirza”  is an Indian famous actress , who has established her presence in this film . She recently won the best actress award of the Jaipur festival of India by starring in a film called ” Paan Chad hay” She also was selected as the miss Asia of pacific a few years ago . From our country , Mohammad Reza Golzar , has been selected for starring in this cinema project .

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