The most inteligant millionaire women in the world

Most of people always have been curious about the information and knowing about the life way of rich and billionaires in the world . They want to know how much is their wealth ? How many children do they have ? How do they wear clothes ? and so on . These curiosities would be intensified when we want to know about the richest and most beautiful woman in the world , Ivanka Trump was born in 198 in New York of united states . She is the Donald

Trump’s only daughter , who is the big owner of estates and realms of united states. She inherited not only her mother’s beauty , but also is the sole heir of his father which this worth about two billion and two hundred million dollars . Ivanka is the owner of multi Luxury ships and a villa with more than 40 rooms . Her job is Modelling and vice president of residential Trump . Also she has graduated of The Wharton Management university . She feels so lucky with his family , We can introduce the other millionaire women who know the life way of being rich .

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