Tehranian Girl’s Fashion

Recently “Guardian”, the famous English magazine , has published an article discussing about the fashion trends of young Persian girls who live in Tehran, capital city of Iran and one of the leading cities of Iran regarding the garment and fashion industry, under the title of  ”the style of streets of Tehran”. Although, the reporter had some idea about the new trends, one should take into account that the Iranian fashion industry, and women clothing in particular, has the life of its own. Being trapped in a very conservative and totalitarian government with a large young population and almost isolated from the rest of the world (because of legislated dressing codes), Iran fashion is a very peculiar case on its own.

not only the wrong choice of clothing can create hassle with the police, it also depending to the place that you live, it can provide you with extra head aches. This is more prevalent if you are a young woman. These constant outside presure, makes the Iranian apparel industry to be very volatile and always changing. Therefore, one can not create a simple report of people that one’s sees in the street and start to dissect the Iranian fashion based on that snapshot in time and place.

Anyhow, here are couple of pictures that we think represent the current trend in the young woman’s fashion, in Tehran:
Tehranian Girls Fashion

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