Do you want a flat belly ?

Whether you’re skinny or overweight, one of the great concerns of the majority of people is a big and fat belly ! What are you doing when you know you have a big belly ? First of all, certainly you will reduce your meals And will be trying to minimize its mass . But experience and science have proven arbitrary and incalculable regimes are not the solution.The key to solving the puzzle is following a diet and essential exercises . We want to introduce some proven  ways to lose belly fat : If you want to do the exercises for the abdominal muscles It’s better to start with one or two simple movements for this work.

And Also Do these exercises 3 times a week . And every month Add one new exercise to the past selective exercises . Be aware of your spine , You should Do this exercise by two light dumbbells  . First stand and hold dumbbells in both hands. First bend from the waist to the right, then move to the left to do the same. Stress is another factor that causes abdominal enlargement and accumulation of fat in this area . Stress increases cortisol hormone. This hormone causes increased fat in the abdomen. Avoid The consumption of sweets, and even sugary drinks . Protein is the best long-term solution to reduce belly fat. Limit your intake of carbohydrates in the diet. Aerobic training  is very effective to lose belly fat . There are many celebrities who follow Regular diets and They do exercises daily . These artists’s life has  a certain law and Specific program

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